MIA Contact Information
Matters Relating To: Primary and Secondary Contact:
Accounts Payable Heidi Kriz, Mitchell Kenyon
Accounts Receivable, Deductibles Mitchell KenyonLisa Storoshenko
Address/Contact Changes Lisa StoroshenkoHeidi Kriz
Premiums, Experience Rating Mitchell Kenyon
Risk Management Grants Susan Ackerman
Volunteer Accident Insurance Megan Chorlton, Susan Ackerman
Policy / Certificates  
Additional Insureds Megan Chorlton, Susan Ackerman
Certificates of Insurance Megan Chorlton, Susan Ackerman
Policy Coverage Megan Chorlton, Susan Ackerman
Property Insurance  
Property Insurance Coverage Sherman Chow, Marina Sen
Risk Management  
Loss Prevention Megan Chorlton, Susan Ackerman
Seminars Megan Chorlton, Susan Ackerman
Brochure Services Lisa Storoshenko
RMS Site Inspection Surveys Megan Chorlton, Susan Ackerman
Contract Risks Megan Chorlton, Susan Ackerman
Incident Reporting Lindsay Nilsson, David Tupper
Claims Reporting Lindsay Nilsson, David Tupper
Writ issued Lindsay Nilsson, David Tupper


MIA Staff

Administration Staff

Tom Barnes Tom Barnes, L.LB
Chief Executive Officer
Email: tbarnes@miabc.org
Biography (.pdf)

Mitchell Kenyon Mitchell Kenyon, M.A., ARM
Chief Operating Officer
Email: mkenyon@miabc.org

Heidi Kriz
Administrative Assistant
Email: hkriz@miabc.org

Alex Ferguson
Office Manager
Email: aferguson@miabc.org

  Lisa Storoshenko
Office Assistant
Email: lstoroshenko@miabc.org

Property Insurance

Sherman Chow Sherman Chow, B.A., A.I.I.C., CRM
Director of Insurance
Email: schow@miabc.org

Marina Sen
Insurance Services Co-ordinator
Email: msen@miabc.org

Member Services

Megan Chorlton Megan Chorlton, M.ED., LL.B.
Legal Counsel & Director of Member Services
Email: mchorlton@miabc.org

Susan Ackerman Susan Ackerman
Risk Management Advisor
Email: sackerman@miabc.org

Claims & Legal Services

Lindsay E.W. Nilsson
Director of Claims & Legal Services
Email: lnilsson@miabc.org

Claims Examiners

David Tupper David Tupper, B.Sc., CRM
Assistant Claims Manager
Email: dtupper@miabc.org

Nicole Purves Nicole Purves
Claims Examiner
Email: npurves@miabc.org

David Hooper David Hooper
Claims Examiner
Email: dhooper@miabc.org

Michelle Bourque, F.C.I.P
Claims Examiner
Email: mbourque@miabc.org

Legal Counsel

Lamour L. Afonso
Senior Legal Counsel
Email: lafonso@miabc.org

Maryam Z. Sherkat
Legal Counsel
Email: msherkat@miabc.org

Jennifer Frahm Jennifer Frahm
Legal Counsel
Email: jfrahm@miabc.org

      Scott Morishita
      Legal Counsel
      Email: smorishita@miabc.org

Legal Assistants

  Amanda Pay
Legal Assistant
Email: apay@miabc.org

Wendy Alexander
Legal Assistant
Email: walexander@miabc.org


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