Risk Management Grant Program

The Risk Management Grant Program is designed to assist members in financing risk management initiatives to reduce liability and property loss exposure.

Maximum Grant Amount

Members will be eligible for a maximum grant of 1% of their Subscriber account balance each year to fund risk management initiatives. Unused eligible funds may be carried over into subsequent years. Members with account balances under $50,000 will be eligible for grants of up to $500 each year.

Time Period

The program began in 2009 and continues each year until such time as the MIABC Board decides otherwise.

Qualified Expenses

Any new initiative with the primary purpose of reducing liability claims will qualify. The emphasis will be on promoting the undertaking of new initiatives, rather than the funding of goods or services that are already budgeted for. Examples of qualified expenses include:

  • Costs associated with fulfilling any recommendation in a loss control report
  • Site inspections
  • Equipment for inspections
  • Policy reviews
  • Safety equipment
  • Signage
  • Risk management studies
  • Maintenance to remove hazards
  • Risk Management Training
Members who belong to both the liability and property insurance programs can now use their Risk Management Grant allocations towards risk management projects with the primary purpose of reducing their liability or property loss exposure.

Other Conditions:

  • Members can apply for multiple grants each year provided they have not reached their maximum amount.
  • Grants are payable to the local government.
  • A copy of the quote, purchase order, or receipt should be provided for grants over $10,000.
  • The MIABC may publish details of approved initiatives with the view of encouraging other local governments to undertake similar initiatives.

To Apply

You can complete the grant application form online by following this link or you can also access the form anytime under the Online Forms tab of the Members section or email a copy of this grant application form to the Risk Management Advisor, Susan Ackerman. Please contact Susan if you have any questions.

Susan Ackerman

Risk Management Advisor