Member Services

The MIABC Member Services Philosophy

The mission of the MIABC’s Member Services Department is to contribute to the financial security of our members and assist with the planning and implementation of local government services. We do so by assisting our members to identify and minimize both liability and property risks, to prevent and manage losses and to provide our members with value added services so that we function as a hub for our members’ risk management and insurance needs.

The Member Services Department evolved out of the former Risk Management Department and is comprised of four staff members. The Director of Member Services, Megan Chorlton, the Risk Management Advisor, Susan Ackerman, the Claims and Risk Analyst, David Tupper,  and the Risk Management Data Analyst, Ian Lau.

MIABC Risk Management Services

Telephone and Email Support 

Our staff is always available to answer members’ questions via telephone or email. Requests often include questions on a particular liability exposure, coverage under the MIABC’s Liability Protection Agreement, contractual wording and the issuance of additional insured certificates.  Contact our Risk Management Advisor or Director of Member Services for assistance.

Member Visits 

We strive to see our members face-to-face as often as we can. In addition to attending local government chapter conferences, we conduct regional seminars on various risk management topics. We look forward to spending time with our members in their own regions. We find that our members enjoy the peer grouping effect created by these regional seminars. View our Events page to see all of our upcoming member visits.

Site Inspections 

Site inspections are carried out by our loss control specialists at Risk Management Services (“RMS”). Our members receive FREE on-site inspections followed by a detailed loss control report from RMS that provides guidance and recommendations to address the main risk exposures identified. We give our members the opportunity to choose which facilities or areas they want inspected. If you would like more information about this service, contact our Risk Management Advisor.

Closed Claim File Review 

Our Risk Management Advisor reviews each claim where we have paid out an indemnity and will advise members of steps that could be taken to “close the loop” of risk exposure to prevent future claims. 

Risk Management Tidbits Newsletter 

Our Risk Management Tidbits Newsletter is distributed to members on a quarterly basis and provides them with current risk management information that is relevant to local governments. News bulletins, legal trends, case studies and answers to frequently asked questions are showcased in this newsletter. Follow this link to read our Tidbits Newsletter.

Risk Management Grant Program 

Who doesn’t love free money?  This program was established in 2009 and has proven to be an extremely valuable risk management tool for members. Since its inception we have given out over $3 million in risk management grant funding. The best part? It’s easy as pie! Our members simply have to identify a risk management initiative they would like to implement and tell us how they expect it to reduce liability or property claims. The entire process, from application to receipt of funds, is usually less than 72 hours. Apply now for your Risk Management Grant!

Risk Management Scholarship Program 

The more knowledgeable our members’ staff is about risk management issues, the better. That belief is the basis for our scholarship program which provides our members’ staff with free tuition and books for the Canadian Risk Management Course. This program can be taken on-line or in the classroom. Completion of the course entitles the student to the esteemed “CRM” designation. Apply now for your Risk Management Scholarship.

On-Line Risk Management Library 

We are currently updating our website which will serve as a practical and convenient resource that can be easily accessed by our members. Information on best practices as well as policy templates and checklists will be available for review and downloading. In addition, we will be improving the search function of the Risk Management library to facilitate easy access to information based on topic.

Brochure Service 

This service is free to members and includes the creation and distribution of useful brochures to be handed out by our members’ staff to the general public. We tailor each brochure to the specific member utilizing their corporate logo and contact information.  Information about our brochure including an order form can be found under our Resources page. Click here to view our selection of brochures.

The MIABC Annual Risk Management Conference 

Each spring we hold a two day Risk Management Conference for our members in downtown Vancouver. The conference is typically attended by over 100 staff from our members province-wide. The conference provides an overview of the basic tenants of risk management, as well as presentations and workshops on more advanced topics. Best of all, it provides an excellent networking opportunity for attendees to make connections and socialize with their counterparts from other regions. Learn more about our upcoming 2015 Risk Management Conference.

Data Mining 

The MIABC has the benefit of possessing over 25 years of claims data. We are able to analyze and interpret this data, enhancing our ability to communicate valuable risk management information to our members. To request an analysis of your claims data, contact our Director of Member Services.


With our members spread out across such a large province it can be difficult to connect face-to-face as often as we would like. We are currently offering live 20 minute webinars on policy coverage topics on a quarterly basis. Members will be able to ask questions in real time during these webinars. Webinars will be recorded and made available on our website so our members can watch them at their leisure. Learn more about our brand new Webinar Series and to view previously hosted webinars.

Other MIABC Services

Casual Legal Advice Program 

Who’s kidding who?  Lawyers are expensive and retaining one to answer a simple legal question is not a cost-effective alternative for our members. By subscribing to our Casual Legal Advice Program for a set annual fee, members can speak to a municipal lawyer FREE OF CHARGE for 30 minutes. In the event that our member’s question cannot be answered in that time, our member can retain that lawyer subject to a pre-determined fee schedule. Register for the Casual Legal Advice Program now!

Your Company Newsletter

The MIABC Your Company Newsletter is distributed to members on a quarterly basis and provides them with information about changes and initiatives of the MIABC. Follow this link to read the Your Company Newsletter.

MIABC Orientation

We are continually looking for opportunities to connect with our members. In 2015, we will begin to offer a day-long orientation session for new Board Members, new contacts and new staff on a regular basis. The orientation will consist of sessions on the MIABC's structure and history, insurance, reinsurance, claims, member services, finance and board meeting fundamentals.

Future MIABC Services

At the MIABC, we are always looking for new ways to assist our members in their loss control efforts.  Here are some of the projects we are working on:

Policy Audits

Providing services in accordance with appropriately implemented policies is the best defense our members have to most liability claims. This program involves a detailed review of our members’ policies with a view to identifying best practices and developing policy templates for our members to use.

Comprehensive Risk Management Plans 

We will be working closely with our members to reduce the incidence of claims by developing comprehensive risk management plans. We will assist our members to identify and prioritize risks, set goals and monitor risk management progress.

Susan Ackerman

Risk Management Advisor

Megan Chorlton

Director of Member Services,
Assistant General Counsel