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How do I report a Notice of Claim to the MIABC?
If you have received a written notice of a claim by a claimant, please contact the Director of Claims & Legal Services at the MIABC immediately. If you are a claimant looking to file a claim, please refer to this page, "Making a Claim Against Local Government," for instructions.

Alternatively, you are welcome to draft your own notice letter. Please include all relevant documentation, which may include:

- time, date and location of the incident;
- any documentation received from a claimant;
- the names and contact information for the claimant or affected parties;
- the identity of independent contractors involved;
​- copies of relevant contracts with third parties;
- police or fire service records;
- building inspection records (including permits);
- inspection and maintenance records;
- accident or incident reports;
- photographs;
- land surveys; and
- the names and contact information for witnesses. 

Megan Chorlton

Director of Member Services,
Assistant General Counsel

Sherman Chow

Director of Claims