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Does the MIABC provide volunteer accident coverage? If so, who is covered?

Volunteers are a valuable resource for local governments and vital to all communities in British Columbia.  The MIABC’s liability policy covers volunteers in the same way that our members’ employees are covered.  But what happens when a worker is injured in the course of their duties?  Employees have the benefit of first party accident coverage provided by the Province of British Columbia through the Worker’s Compensation program.  Volunteers do not usually qualify for such coverage. 

At the MIABC, we feel volunteers should not place themselves at risk while providing volunteer services for our members.  That is why we have implemented the Volunteer Accident Benefit Coverage program.  This program provides first party accident coverage to volunteers should they be injured while performing their duties.  This coverage is provided free of charge to all MIABC members.

Generally speaking, a volunteer is someone who participates in the delivery of local government services under the supervision and control of their local government without the expectation of profit or gain. Coverage under this plan is limited to those under age 85 and the weekly accident indemnity benefits are payable to age 65. Volunteer Firefighters are excluded from this coverage.

You do not need to provide any information to us to obtain this coverage. The MIABC secures this coverage through a private insurance company, Industrial Alliance Pacific.  Claims should simply be reported directly to Industrial Alliance Pacific. For more information about this program, please see the attached brochure.

Megan Chorlton

Director of Member Services,
Assistant General Counsel

Sherman Chow

Director of Claims