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Why do members have to provide so much information on claims when it seems clear that there is no liability exposure?

Often, a member that is familiar with the facts and with local government procedure is able to conclude early on that a claim is frivolous.  However, until a plaintiff has had an opportunity to undertake his own investigation (usually by way of discoveries or document disclosure) to learn those facts, he is not in a position to make an informed decision about releasing the local government from the action.  There are statutory provisions requiring claims to be brought within a certain time period, and plaintiffs must commence their action before those deadlines or risk losing their right to claim.  The plaintiff might not have enough information at that point to rule out the involvement of a local government.  Rest assured, our claims examiners and legal counsel have extensive experience defending local government liability claims and will make every effort to have a claim resolved at the earliest possible opportunity.

Megan Chorlton

Director of Member Services,
Assistant General Counsel

Sherman Chow

Director of Claims