Property Insurance

The MIABC’s Property Insurance Program incorporates some of the best features from the many property insurance policies that we have reviewed. Our policy provides:

  • Blanket coverage for property of every description with no co-insurance requirement;

  • Property extensions and special limits of coverage that are competitive and, in some cases, more generous than commercial policies;

  • Coverage for business interruption and loss of income or rents;

  • Crime coverage; and

  • Loss settlement conditions that are broad and flexible.

Much like our Liability Protection Agreement, the Property Insurance Agreement will continuously evolve and expand over time. 

The MIABC has partnered with an experienced broker, who has binding authority agreements with Lloyds’s underwriters and domestic insurers, to assist in providing the “One-Stop Shopping” solution that our members desire.  All lines of coverage will be bundled together and branded as the MIABC Property Insurance Program.  The MIABC will continue to be the main point of contact with our members.  Claims that are covered by the MIABC’s Property Insurance Agreement will be managed by the MIABC Claims Department and all other claims will be reported to the MIABC and handled by external specialists.

Our partnership with an experienced broker also provides us with the ability to create insurance products that are developed to meet the evolving needs of our members.  The group purchase of insurance products allows us to save money on behalf of our members.  Coverage will be placed with the insurer offering the most favourable rates and terms for our members.  For more information about the insurance program contact the Director of Insurance or the Insurance Service Coordinator.

Need a Quote?

If you would like a quote for your upcoming property insurance renewal, the MIABC would be pleased to provide you with one.  Please send the following information to the Director of Insurance or the Insurance Service Coordinator:

  • Expiry date of your current policy;
  • Copy of your most recent property insurance policy;
  • Details of other lines of coverage that you require;
  • Schedules of buildings and contents insured;
  • Schedule of mobile equipment insured;
  • Copy of your most recent property appraisal;
  • Loss history for the past 5 years; and
  • Date which you will need a quote by.

Glenn McLaughlin

Director of Insurance

Marina Sen

Insurance Services Coordinator